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Never Miss Another Phone or Text Lead

Zenith Alarms Save Customers and Delight Callers

Zenith Dealer Solutions missed opportunity alarms enable you to read and react to sales opportunities in about 30 seconds. Alarms like a caller who asks for 'sales', and winds up in a voicemail where he hangs-up, are delivered directly to your phone so that you can click-to-call the customer and recover the missed opportunity.



Develop and Train Your Employees to Provide an Outstanding Caller Experience

Zenith Marine Phone Call Scoring Training and Coaching

To stay competitive, productive and profitable, marine dealers and their employees need ongoing, results-driven phone training. Zenith Dealer Solution supports this through our training programs and methodology. 

Based on data from listening to millions of phone call interactions with marine dealerships that yielded the most successful outcomes, Zenith Dealer Solutions trains specific employee behaviors and attributes that drive the greatest results. 



Coach Employees for Ongoing Success

Zenith How to Coach Phone Skills

Training alone results in a 22% lift in employee productivity. Training coupled with coaching results in an 88% lift in employee productivity. Our management coaching and employee self-assessment process provides a method for employee development that propels phone performance, resulting in better prepared employees and a great caller experience.