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recruit, hire, and develop employees who love making and taking phone calls

Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing.  Most Americans spend the majority of their waking weekday hours at work, so recruiting and retaining great talent isn’t just good for business, it’s essential to fueling a positive workplace culture.

Finding and retaining great employees is one of the biggest challenges facing dealerships today. The constant processing of resumes, behavioral profiling, conducting interviews adds up to a full-time job and most managers are not seeing a change in turnover turnover rates. 

My Perfect Fit is an AI driven DiSC tool providing insights into a candidate’s or existing employee’s natural strengths, communication styles, and workplace preferences. The entire process is automated and we do it at a 95% accuracy rate. 

The result? Talent that is the PERFECT FIT for the role and a customized development plan for every employee on less time than you perform this role today. 

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