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Powering the Callers' Experience

Harness the data in your voice and text communications to power customer service.

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When your dealership misses a sales call, you will know so you can take action right away. Zenith Dealer Solutions helps you take control of your phones by giving you insight into every call and sending you an alarm by text message to every missed sales opportunity.

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Zenith Dealer Solutions presents you and your agents with the data and training resources required to properly hire and coach sales associates. Best of all, we manage the process for you.

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Zenith Dealer Soutions Voice and Text Report for Dealers shows that over 80% of calls from lead aggregators like Trader brands are sales opportunities, versus less than 40% of dealer website calls and about 12% of Google calls. Zenith Dealer Solutions reveals every ad sources' call count, sales opportunities and appointments set. 

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Zenith Dealer Solutions provides me with a unique view inside of our dealerships' phone calls. Never before have I had this type of measurement and Singleton Marine is taking advantage of it. Missed calls and missed opportunities are a thing of the past.  

Evan Davis, Singleton Marine

Take Control of your Phones

Zentih Dealer Solutions leaves nothing to chance.

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