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Powering the Callers' Experience

Harness the data in your voice and text communications to power customer service.

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Zenith Alarms Equal Customer Recovery


When your dealership misses a sales call, you will know so you can take action right away. Zenith Dealer Solutions helps you take control of your phones by giving you insight into every call and sending you an alarm by text message to every missed sales opportunity.

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Zenith Connects Your Customers through Alexa G

Zenith Dealer Solutions' Zeni bot fields the simple questions your employees are over qualified to handle and that callers prefer to be automated. Winterization, oil changes, hours of operation and the like. Take up to 17% of your daily calls off the call log. 

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Zenith Dealer Solutions profiled hundreds of top phone performers to create CallCandidate.  Every applicant falls into one of Green-Yellow-Red buckets based on both their preference for working on the phone and their natural phone skills. Hire Green to enhance your #CallerCX and #EmployeeCX. 

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Call Candidate for White River Marine Group

Zenith Dealer Solutions provides me with a unique view inside of our dealerships' phone calls. Never before have I had this type of measurement and Singleton Marine is taking advantage of it. Missed calls and missed opportunities are a thing of the past.  

Evan Davis, Singleton Marine


Minimize your callers' effort to maximize customer retention.

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Zenith Dealer Solutions Creates Wonderful Caller Experiences CallerCX