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Build a Better Caller Experience

Marine dealer specific Voice, SMS and Video engagement apps and training.

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Zenith Alarms Save Customers and Delight Callers

Nearly 30% of qualified sales opportunities are missed and another 40% are mishandled or not properly followed up on. 

Zenith Dealer Solutions helps you improve your caller's experience by giving you insight into every call and alarming you to calls you want to know about.
Alarm options include:

  • Text message received from customer
  • Customer hung-up up on hold or in voicemail
  • Customer expresses a complaint
  • Employee needs to follow-up by phone or email
  • Qualified buyer - no agreed to next step in sales process
  • Appointment set / application taken
Only Zenith Dealer Solutions offers marine specific machine learning models to get topic, sentiment, intent, keywords and more and then delivers customer experience scenarios you need to know about. 









Customers want to interact with employees who demonstrate great character, act as a trusted adviser, and simply care. Employees that care and act upon the feelings of customers at different points along their journey are more likely to win loyalty. Marine Dealerships that deliver on these expectations will be rewarded with affinity and spend – 63% of customers with positive feelings about a company will remain loyal, while 74% will go a step further and advocate for the brand.

Based on data from listening to millions of phone call interactions with marine dealerships that yielded the most successful outcomes, Zenith Dealer Solutions trains specific employee behaviors and attributes that drive the greatest results. 

Zenith Marine Phone Call Scoring Training and Coaching

Finding and retaining great employees is one of the biggest challenges for marine dealerships. Our selection and hiring tool takes less than 10 minutes to complete and you and our applicants receive a personalized 25 page report that reveals their workplace preferences and how they will add to your team. Try it free today!  



Call Candidate for White River Marine Group

Zenith Dealer Solutions provides me with a unique view inside of our dealerships' phone calls. Never before have I had this type of measurement and OneWater Marine is taking advantage of it. Missed calls and missed opportunities are a thing of the past.  

Evan Davis, OneWater Marine


Minimize your callers' effort to maximize customer retention. 

Zenith Dealer Solutions Marine CallerCX Report 2019

Zenith listens to millions of calls to and from marine dealerships every year. In the absence of value there is only price. Consumers are receiving so little value in their phone interactions with most dealerships. Now more than ever, there is a need to drive more emotional connections and subsequently real value to callers. The key to success is making connections with your customers over the phone. Start implementing marine phone best practices in your stores 

Download our CallerCX Report for more best practices.